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Interview with Bruce & Beth By Lissette Campos

Beth was spending her life caught up in what others thought of her. Maybe she wasn’t smart enough or pretty enough, she thought. When she began reading the Bible, its words “just poured off the page” to her. She was amazed to find that she had a heavenly Father who loved her. “And when I read those words,” she says, “so much stress and anxiety just flew out of me.”

Before Beth’s husband, Bruce, was looking at life through the lens of the world. He felt like he was doing pretty good, with all the trappings of a successful life. But inside, he felt lost, unfulfilled. “I didn’t feel like I had this great purpose for my life.” He felt like there must be more than just working hard all week, partying on the weekend, and starting that cycle over again. He had been a Christian for years, but didn’t realize that Jesus wanted to have a personal relationship with him. Bruce finally surrendered to the Lord, and now says “that’s made all the difference.”

Watch this video to hear them tell their inspiring story.

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