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Little Known Secrets to Reduce Next Month's Commercial Auto Insurance Invoice
Bruce Johnson

Little Known Secrets to Reduce Next Month's Commercial Auto Insurance Invoice

The opinions expressed in this video are exclusively my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Insurance Office of America. However, they ARE based on my practical insurance experience over the past 35 years. These ideas and techniques are very effective when used properly. Armed with this information, you will be able to personally conduct (or have an employee conduct) a detailed review of any commercial auto policy like a seasoned insurance professional. Don't be surprised when you discover areas that will generate immediate savings right on the spot. This can literally be done in less than 30 minutes. Of course, there is never a 100% guarantee of savings. But I've rarely ever conducted this review and not found at least one area where the insurance company was over charging. And since you're not paying a nickel for this information, what have you got to lose (other than a little time) by learning something new and giving this a shot? I'm sharing this with the hope that it brings you some value. If you go through this exercise and want to boost your savings to an even higher level, let's chat. There are more things that can be done and I'm here to help. WARNING: Use of this information to heavily scrutinize your policy could be a little embarrasing for your current broker. Here is my contact info if you would like to reach me: Bruce Johnson, CPCU Managing Partner 4915 West Cypress Street, Suite 100 Tampa, FL 33607 Direct Phone: 813.262.2303
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Bruce Johnson
Managing Partner - Insurance Office of America

I'm Bruce Johnson and Tampa has always been my home.

My wife Beth and I have been very blessed and are inspired to leave behind a legacy of giving back and helping others.  We believe that everything is a gift from GOD and we are just here on this planet for a short while to run HIS errands.

We enjoy traveling around the community and meeting others who are giving back and also those who may need some help.


We also hope these stories will encourage others to give back wherever and however their heart may lead them.  


Whether your giving comes in the form of time, talent or treasure, anyone can make an impact.    


From a career standpoint, many know me as their go-to person for business insurance. 


I'm a Managing Partner with Insurance Office of America (IOA) - - the nation's 18th largest privately owned insurance firm.

Tampa has been good to us over the last 30 years, so we've been using our business as a conduit for giving back.  


We also work closely with like-minded clients and friends to support causes that we all care about.   

If you happen to know of any great non-profits or individuals making a difference in Tampa, we'd love to hear about them. 

We're also looking for heart-warming stories of local people helping others to feature on our blog.

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